Ahhh, Vacation!

Framing Your Travel Memories

Vacation is a special time of year when you relax and get away from the craziness of reality, creating powerful memories of your time with friends and family. You work hard all year for your vacation, planning it carefully, counting down the days…and it’s over before you know it. What do you have to show for it, besides a couple of extra pounds and a gorgeous tan? You’ve got your memories!  You bought souvenirs, took amazing photos, and documented your journey. Bring those items to us so we can help bring your vacation memories back to life. Relive the fun & excitement of your travels by seeing them custom framed on your wall every day.

Tip: Hang framed vacation pictures in a place where they can be viewed daily. Guaranteed smiles!

Vacation Souvenirs That Work Well For Framing:

sea shells

Sea Shells


Stamps & Postcards

foreign coins

Foreign Coins

local art

Local Art & Sculpture

Vacations Are Important!

Don’t cheat yourself, vacations are important! A vacation can increase creativity, reduce stress, and produce memories for a lifetime. We’d love to help you relive your favorite vacation every day. Stop by with your photos & souvenirs to see how custom framing can turn a boring scrapbook into a daily conversation piece.

Interesting Vacation Photographs To Frame:


Famous Landmarks


Family Portraits





Take A Better Digital Photo

  1. Clean your lens! A dirty lens can ruin several, if not all, the pics you take. Many newer phones will warn you if they sense a smudged lens.
  2. Take your time. Even top-of-the-line digital cameras may need time to auto-adjust focus to lighting conditions and action speeds.
  3. If you want to take a photo of a person not in your party, always ask permission!
  4. Consider lighting. Most photographers encourage the use of natural lighting to illuminate your image (early morning or evening will avoid the tourist crowd). Try to get the subject in the light, not backlit, for a clear shot.
  5. If you are taking selfies, don’t forget to show where you are! Turn your phone to landscape and put yourself to one side. (This also works for a panorama shot.) Or in portrait mode, put yourself at the bottom.


  1. Some of the most dramatic vacation photos are in silhouette, with the setting sun in the background. The contract makes for a vivid image.


  1. Don’t forget filter apps, just for fun – vintage, rainbow, black and white, etc. You can find all kinds of effects to apply using your phone or social media network.


  1. For action shots or scenes where the subject is moving rapidly, use ‘burst-mode’ or a similar mode to take multiple pics per second. You will wind up with many photos from which you can choose the perfect action shot.


  1. Pose your subjects with a theme. Photograph a row of bare feet. Or have everybody’s back to the camera. Act like they are scaling a monument instead of just staring at it.

We’ll Print It For You

Just bring us your digital file, and we can print it in any size and on paper, canvas, plastic or metal.

What Are Your Favorite Vacation memories?

No two vacations are alike. Your photos and souvenirs will vary based on what kind of trip you took. Because each framing project is custom, we can create a display that is as unique as your vacation. Wouldn’t you like to display…


The African mask from your study abroad program?


The epic panorama from your family ski trip?


The fossils you found by the lakeshore?


The amazing architecture you saw during Mardi Gras?


The Asian silk painting from your business trip to Beijing?


The stunning rock formations you toured in Arizona?


The favorite drink you ordered at the beach?


The first moment you stuck your toes in the water?