Joyce Werwie Perry

“Art is all about emotion for me. Whatever the image I am painting, I have to go deep. Regardless of the subject… whether it’s images from the past, the beautiful topography of this city or a vivid abstract, my need to bring the human element to my work and draw an emotional response from the viewer is vital. It’s been said that my paintings evoke that which is universal, yet personal. I strive to express emotion in my work through the rapid manipulation of paint. The application and detraction of oils with knives creates extreme textures and variations in color. There is always a tug of war between realistic and abstract elements, and this conflict usually results in the background breaking up or challenging the foreground.”

Perry is the owner of le Poire Fine Art Studio in Pittsburgh where she paints and teaches her unique knife technique to a school of oil painters. She was formerly on the teaching staff at Sweetwater Center for the Arts in Sewickley and holds workshops in various locations in the tri-state area. Perry is a member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and former vice president/exhibition chairwoman, and a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh.