Lisa Rasmussen

From an early age, I knew I wanted to be an artist. Drawing was (and still is) my favorite thing to do. My deep connection with creating things doesn’t stop with drawing. Painting, illustration, graphic design, and making books are also creative outlets for me. In my work, my versatility resides in my proficiency in using many different media. Each medium tells a story in a different way. But no matter which medium, always present in my work is evidence of the time and thought I’ve put into creating the work.

They say that “the devil is in the details,” but I disagree… I find wonder and beauty and sometimes, even magic in the details. My work is based in reality, but I have always found life to be more interesting when there is a bit of wonder in the world around me. So, I look for the wonder and through my work I always attempt to show my findings to my audience.

We live in a fast-paced, quickly changing world and most of us spend much of our llives rushing from place to place. As we rush, we miss the stories around us. Every piece of art tells a story. My creative work takes time to build the layers of the story. The process of creating textures, and capturing light and shadow is both rewarding and cathartic for me. Doing the work creates an alternate state of being of being… a world in which there is no boundary of reality. Through my work, I appeal to the audience to slow down and “see the story” of details, textures, beauty and sometimes, darkness. In the past, I always kept darker matters out of my work. But lately, I’ve been exploring a different approach by letting “the dark” sometimes creep in a bit. The interaction between image, letterforms, meaning and audience are integral to the narrative.