“Although I have always loved art and hid in my room drawing and painting like so many other closeted artists, it wasn’t until my senior year in college that I took my first real studio class and fell in love.  I was seduced by the physical properties of the paints and the personal process that becomes the product and became, in no short words, obsessed. I studied at the Art Students League in New York and soon thereafter went on to teach in both private and public schools. For the past six years, I have been blessed with my own studio where I paint and teach.

For me, the most rewarding personal development as an artist has come from spending time working with others to bring large scale community-based art installations to life.  I have always challenged each of my students to make art on their own terms and I am now dedicated to doing the same for my own art.  Trying to shut out the noise and find my own truth certainly is not as easy as it sounds. I am currently fascinated by the patterns of our lives and how they are woven and weave into all those we touch and those who touch us.  My painting right now is inspired by those intersecting moments in life where awareness and pattern merge.

I live in Sewickley with my husband, two children, three dogs, and a bunny.”  ~Thressia Kriebel