William M Vrscak aWS

Bill Vrscak is a free-lance artist/illustrator and signature member of the American Watercolor Society, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators.  Vrscak studied painting and design at the Ivy School of Art and worked in the advertising industry 16 years before striking out on his own. He is a representational painter whose work reflects a strong sense of freshness and simplicity, consistent with his attitude that “the simplest statements make the most impact”. A frequent national award winner, his work is widely published in many major arts publications.  His paintings reside in many corporate and private collections in the U.S., Canada, England and Australia. Besides doing illustration and commission work he has taught painting workshops and seminars throughout the United States as well as Canada and the Virgin Islands.

Bill lives in Pittsburgh with his wife, Marlene and their ill-mannered dog, Riley.

Artist’s Statement

Visual art is a language that speaks not only in terms of recognizable imagery but also in abstract images of shape, color and texture, as well as intangible elements like space, movement, and energy. As artists, our goal should not only be to do more than just entertain, but also to move the viewer in an emotional way that goes beyond recognition of the subject matter.  My goal is to pass on emotion felt during the creation of the work and allow the viewer to connect with us by merging his or her own experiences.