Hanging Framed Groupings

Hanging Two or More Frames into a Wall Grouping

How to locate a group of frames on your wall and have them look Great.

Mastering hanging one frame on a wall can be a curious endeavor if you have never taken on the task. Check out our Basic Frame Hanging 101 for tips. Once you have hung that first framed masterpiece you will most likely think it was not such a big deal. Now it’s time to tackle hanging two or more frames together in a wall grouping. But, before we look at groupings it’s a good idea to have at least a basic understanding of balance.

Hanging wall groupings is all about balance…

When it comes to the appearance of hanging your artwork you should always consider the balance. I like to use the term “visual balance” because visual balance encompasses all the basic understandings we need when it comes to having your wall grouping look great. Visual balance happens around a vertical axis and our eyes require this visual weight to be equal on both sides of the axis. We are bilateral beings and our “sense of balance” is inherent. When the frames are not balanced around a vertical axis the result can be uncomfortable, even disturbing.

Symmetrical balance or Formal balance is having the same frames (objects) equally on opposite sides of the vertical axis, where each side is the mirror of the other side. The same frame, mat, glass type and even the artwork within each frame should be very similarly balanced in visual weight, tones and colors.

Asymmetrical balance or Informal balance is the absence of symmetry and achieves balance through contrast. Different frames on opposite sides of the vertical axis can be in balance if they have equal visual weight. Asymmetrical is most often more interesting.

vertical axis

Tips, Tricks & Frame Sizing

how high to hang frames

How High? Hang your frame 60” from the floor to the center of your frame.  This is a good starting point for any frame or group of frames. Sixty inches is the distance I use for all installations, especially when in galleries or museums.  If you want to consider the best viewing height for everyone in the house, come up with the average distance from the floor to eye level of each person involved.

How Far Apart? When hanging multiple frames in a wall grouping, it is very important to keep the spacing consistent with no more than 6” between frames, usually 2”-3” works best.

Consider a Template:  If you are in doubt of your frame locations and before you put hammer to wall, consider a template of each frame. Create a template the same size of each frame using craft paper. With “balance” in mind, use removable painters tape (the blue stuff) and attach each frame template to the wall. This will allow you to arrange your frames until you find the perfect balance. Remember to attach your hangers before removing the craft paper.

Number of Hooks: Always use two hooks for leveling purposes and most importantly for a more secure installation of your frame. When you have anything framed with Sewickley Frame Shop, your project will come with two courtesy hooks specified for the size and weight of each frame.

Hanging Above Furniture: Frames or Wall Groupings hung above furniture should not be wider than the furniture. A good rule of thumb would be to make sure the frame or grouping is no larger than seventy-five percent (75%) the width of the furniture.

size of frame over furniture

hanging frames above fireplace

Hanging Above Large Objects: If your framing is going above larger furniture like a sofa or piano, you will want to consider the visual balance to that larger object as well. A good rule of thumb for above a fireplace would be to keep the frame or grouping of frames as similar in size as possible to the opening size of the fireplace.

Wall Grouping Scenarios

3 Simple Symmetrical Wall Groupings

Random Wall Groupings

Creative Grouped Layouts

align frames with furniture

creative frame grouping

creative frame grouping

creative frame grouping

Assymetrical grouping

Stairway Grouping

stairway frame grouping

stairway frame grouping

stairway frame grouping