Get “up close and personal” with internationally renowned artists from across Southwestern Pennsylvania through this exclusive Sewickley Gallery & Frame Shop interview series.

Growing up, I could walk into someone’s home and get a sense of that person or family by simply perusing their LPs or looking over the titles on their bookshelves. These days, courtesy of Spotify, Kindle, and Audible, those glimpses of a person’s tastes and interests are often hidden. The remaining telltale signs are captured in frames―photographs of loved ones and memories, and what’s hanging on their walls: fine art. Perhaps this last vestige will last a bit longer due to its singular characteristic…

With music, you can get rid of its physical manifestation, scores and sheet music, albums and CDs, but still manage to hum or whistle a few bars that carry the melody. And, God forbid, you can even burn a book, but the story lives on―especially, if it’s good; you can tell it over and over. With a piece of art, it’s an entirely different phenomenon. With a painted canvas or drawing, the encounter is experiential, summoning that which is uniquely personal. If the piece of art disappears, you may carry a recollection of how it made you feel, but that feeling cannot be directly replicated. When the art is gone, the opportunity to encounter it goes with it.

While emerging digital art may provide an immersive experience, it is, nevertheless, fleeting. And non-fungible tokens (NTFs) are just that: non fungible; you can’t hold them or touch them. Instead of purchasing something you can hang on a wall, you are buying a digital file. While these media may eventually dominate, as the owner of the Sewickley Gallery and Frame Shop, I like to think that I’m contributing a bit to the permanence of art and keepsakes. While all the arts have the potential to transport you to another time―another place―paintings, drawings, portraits, photos, and personal mementos can anchor you, right in your own home, providing a kind of sanctuary, a respite of sorts.

In this series, Meet the Artists, we’ll explore the works of select Pittsburgh-based artists, whose works are represented in my Sewickley Gallery and Frame Shop. A best-kept secret, Southwestern Pennsylvania is burgeoning with artists whose works hang in museums and are featured in documentaries and magazines. Of national and international renown, it is my privilege to introduce you to some of my friends.

Mark Rengers


Meet my friend, Patrick Lee…  Full Interview






Patrick Lee



Christine Swann

Christine Swan

To kick things off, I’m delighted to introduce you to Christine Swann, Full Interview